Mark Strauss is an American businessman from Bettendorf, Iowa. Mark was born in Kansas City, Missouri. Growing up, Mark’s father traveled most days of the week and his mother shouldered the task of raising Mark and his five brothers and sisters. This experience taught Mark the value of hard work, and the importance of taking responsibility for your family. Those values have stuck with Mark his entire life, through caring for his mother in his home as she lived with and eventually passed away from Alzheimer’s, and even to this day as he cares for his disabled brother at home.  


     Aside from moving around and traveling for work, Mark has lived in the Quad Cities for most of his life. He is very accomplished and well respected in the commercial lighting industry. Marks’ 42 years of experience traveling across the country and meeting people from all walks of life have given Mark unique opportunities to learn the many and varying concerns, challenges and hopes of all kinds of people. His industry renowned, innovative concepts have also earned him the respect of his customers and colleagues for having a creative approach to solving unique and complex problems on large scales. “I take pride in what I’ve built and took my role in every venture seriously. When I do something, I’m all in…”, says Strauss, “…no one will work harder to earn your vote than I.”


     Just as far too many Americans have, Mark and his family have also suffered the failures of a system that results from mismanaged, bloated government that two-party politics creates; a system that all too often leaves our most vulnerable citizens forgotten.


     In addition to hearing the stories of people all over the country, Mark’s very own experience has given him valuable insight and deep understanding of some of the most difficult and painful struggles that too many Iowans and Americans face every single day. Unfortunately, the stories of these struggles often fall on deaf ears. Mark has vowed to make sure that changes, starting with his campaign.


     For the last four years of her life, Mark cared for his mother in his home. Together they battled the hardships and tragedy of her Alzheimer’s disease, up to the day of her passing. Currently, Mark is also caring for his disabled brother in his home. Mark embraces the struggles that come with that territory every day with love, compassion and a genuine desire to improve the lives of the people around him. These stories and experiences are the driving force behind Mark’s desire to help create a more free and prosperous future for every man, woman and child in America.


     Mark understands that the people and families struggling on a daily basis in America should not be forced into having to vote for the same dysfunctional, corrupted, two-party system that has failed them over and over again. He knows that no Republican or Democrat candidate for any federal office will ever be free from the shackles of big government and two-party politics.


     Like many Americans, Mark sees the need for the voice of another party to rise and grow in the halls of Congress. Mark’s quest to find that voice has taken him on a journey that began with reconnecting with our founding principles of Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness; and has lead him to acquire a deep understanding and appreciation of Libertarian principles.


     Mark decided to run for Congress as a Libertarian, because he truly believes that the Libertarian Party is the best vehicle for meaningful, political change in which we can chart a new course away from our broken and corrupted political system, and toward a brighter, more free and more prosperous future for America.


     He believes that the Liberty movement, particularly in Iowa, is ready, organized and equipped to bring about real and meaningful political change in all levels of government. Strauss insists that in this election there is no such thing as a wasted vote, and that the fact that he is on the ballot as a major-party nominee in Iowa, one of the most critical political barometers in the country, is proof of that.


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